Selling Stock Photography

I recently decided to take the plunge and try my hand at selling my work on some stock photography sites. I’ve loved taking photos ever since my mum and dad bought me my first little purple point-and-shoot camera when I was 7 or 8. When we got my first roll of film developed it was … Read More about Selling Stock Photography

A Graduation Bouquet

My daughter graduated from grade 8 this past week (sniff!) and I just thought I’d share the lovely bouquet we gave her after the ceremony – courtesy of Pictus Goods here in Toronto. I love Pictus as they are an environmentally-conscious flower shop sourcing local flowers as much as possible, using eco-friendly wrappings and avoiding … Read More about A Graduation Bouquet

Back With a New Name!

Hello again! I’m finally back to posting after some time away – the whole family came down with Covid and just after recovering from that the kids have all been suffering from colds, so it’s been non-stop illness around here. Thankfully, everyone is feeling well again! Which means that I can resume putting together some … Read More about Back With a New Name!

Walking into Narnia

Here in Toronto we woke to another beautiful snowfall yesterday morning! I just love snow and hiking through Taylor Creek Park after such a snowfall feels just like Lucy walking into Narnia, with the canopy of trees heavy and sparkling with fresh snow and quiet all around – you half expect Tumnus to come trotting … Read More about Walking into Narnia

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Above are two of my favourite little valentines – my daughter and son when they were about six and almost 3. This is one of my favourite photos! I remember how much fun they had that day playing around with their heart-shaped glasses and jumping on the bed, excited for Valentine’s Day. … Read More about Happy Valentine’s Day

Alphabet Birthday Cake

Just a quick little birthday post! This is the cake that I made for my alphabet-mad little boy who just turned two. He wasn’t too bothered with the rest of the cake but there was a lot of excitement for those letters! If you have a little one who just loves letters, this is the … Read More about Alphabet Birthday Cake

Printable: Best Friends Quiz

This is a little printable quiz that is fun for friends to do together. Reminiscent of those magazine quizzes that most 80s kids will remember fondly! Just print out the page and cut it down the middle – each friend then takes a side to fill out about each other – then share answers and … Read More about Printable: Best Friends Quiz